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13th June 2005

  • Added a new Irish Interest Informational Release. A source of Irish news, unbiased and uncensored. We gather together the news from various sources and present them here for you in one place. This news if often "overlooked" by the mainstream media. But you can find it here!

5th May 2005

  • Added a new Irish Republican/Nationalist news article blog.

24th April 2005

  • Added a new and improved forum to the website

6th November 2004

  • Added a new "quick vote" section
  • Added a new "newsletter option.

26th October 2004

  • Added a new "recommend to a friend" section
  • Added moderated guestbook - This needs to be moderated to prevent previous abuse of unmoderated guestbook from being repeated.
  • Added a new and better threaded forum for visitors to ask questions and debate issues...

25th October 2004

  • Tweeked the menu and added search and donate buttons.
  • Added moderated guestbook - This needs to be moderated to prevent previous abuse of unmoderated guestbook from being repeated.

22nd October 2004

  • Updated the links section.
  • Updated the clipart section (now 264 pieces of clip art)
  • Updated the guitar chords section by adding new songs
  • Updated the specila section for my wife, Lee.
  • Fixed broken links in Newspapers section.
  • Fixed "feedback" problem - your email should now get through to me more consistantly.
  • Fixed some broken links in lyrics, midi and clipart sections
  • Removed "update by email"
  • Removed "opinion poll"
  • Removed "tell a friend"
  • Removed "Christmas message"
  • Planning on adding a full featured message board. Watch this space in the coming weeks.
  • Planning on updating this site more often. Check "What's New" (this page) from time to time for any changes that might happen.
  • NOTE: Please note that I cannot always answer emails sent to me, I answer as I have time or if I have something to add. I have changed my email address due to abuse and being overwhelmed with spam - My new and future email addresss is "thewhitewolf(removespamfilter)@iol.ie (note: IOL, not AOL)

24th April 2003

5th December 2002

24th July 2002

  • Added a new opinion poll to my webpage.

23rd July 2002

  • The IRA issue an apology for "Bloody Friday" and other actions over the past 30 years. read it here.

30th April 2002

  • Added a new message/discussion board to the webiste.
  • A new version of the Ireland First! screensaver/slideshow is now available. The pictures have been enhanced and adjusted for your viewing pleasure.
  • Added a new opinion poll

11th April 2002

  • Added a new feature to the maps section. Now you can view a map of Ireland in segments as well as the entire map.
  • Minor bug fixed in midi index linking "A Nation once again"

10th April 2002

  • Linked the midi music archive and Irish song lyric archive together. Now when you are reading the midi music archive page, if one of the songs listed has the lyrics available, you will notice that it is underlined. Likewise in the song lyric archive, if one of the songs listed has a midi available, you will see an icon telling you so. See relevent sections for further details.
  • Added 24 midis to the midi archive.
    • Added another version of:
      • Belfast Brigade
      • Fields of Athenry
      • Down by the Glenside
      • Foggy Dew
      • Go on home British soldiers
      • Kevin Barry
      • Boys of the old brigade
      • Sean South
    • Added 16 new midi songs
      • A Nation once again
      • Boolavogue
      • Dirty old town
      • God save Ireland
      • Grace
      • Irish Soldier laddie
      • Irish Rover
      • Johnson's motor car
      • Little Armalite
      • My old mans a provo
      • Celtic symphony
      • Man from Mullingar
      • The man form the Daily Mail
      • SAM song
      • Snipers promise
      • The town I loved so well
  • Added 22 new songs to the Irish song lyric archive. Bringing the total songs available now to 391. The newly added songs are:
    • Meet me at the pillar
    • Roddy McCorley
    • Blood stained bandage
    • Dawning of the day
    • Soldiers of Cumman na mBann
    • Republican guns
    • Roll of Honour
    • Loughall martyrs
    • Ballad of Bobby Sands
    • Galtee Mountain boy
    • Celtic symphony
    • Ninety miles from Dublin
    • MIchael Collins
    • Roger Casement
    • Shall my soul pass through old Ireland
    • Memory of the dead
    • Tom Williams
    • Boy from Tumlaghduff
    • Ten brave men
    • H-Block song
    • Forever on my mind
    • Back home in Derry

5th April 2002

  • A tribute to Kevin Barry and other Irish patriots.
  • Added 12 more songs to the Irish song lyric archive they are: A battle hymn, Black watch, The Jackets green, Little amralite, My old man, Rock on Rockall, Sam song, Sing Irishman sing, Snipers Promise.

4th April 2002

2nd April 2002

  • Added 21 new songs to the Irish song lyric archive (Section V, W &Z) bringing the number of song lyrics available to 347

29th March 2002

28th March 2002

  • Reinstated the "opinion poll" that was removed 18th August 2000 ( see below). Poll can be found on the main page of the Ireland First! website.
  • Added a guestbook.

27th March 2002

  • Added site-wide search ability. Search by keyword or phrase. Both simple and advanced search abilities added.
  • Added 1 new song - "A rebel song" - to the A section of the song lyric archive.
  • added 15 new songs (R section) of the Irish song lyrics archive.
  • Improved the quality of the images on the Irish maps section.

23rd March 2002

22nd March 2002

  • A new navigation system and minor changes have been added to this website This new navigation systems makes pages smaller (faster downloads) and increases compatability with a greater range or browser settings.
  • A new RA song added to the Real Audio archive - "The Words" by Wilderness-1916

21st March 2002

  • www.EireFirst.com is born! :-) Moving to a new web server and giving me more scope in what I can do with the website technically. Also the URL is much easier to remember! :-)

20th March 2002

19th March 2002

14th March 2002

  • Added another 43 songs (Section K, L & M) to the Irish lyric archive bringing the total available today to 227 songs.

13th March 2002

12th March 2002

10th March 2001

9th March 2002

  • Added another 37 songs ( Section C & D) to the Irish song lyrics archive.
  • Added 1 new song to section A of above.
  • Addes some new website to my links section.
  • Fixed minor typos

7th March 2002

  • Site's look and feel + URL(coming soon):
  • Major redesign of the entire website! This necessary because I got tired of the look, and this new-look site is easier to update and faster for you to download.
  • New URL: http://www.eirefirst.com which is much easier to remember! :-)
  • New graphics and navitation system to allow for faster and easier movement throughout the entire site.

3rd July 2001

  • Added a new exclusive free Ireland First! Screensaver.

16th October

  • Minor fixes on Fascinating Facts section.
  • Added PDF file to above section for downloading and reading/printing offline.

10th October

  • Replaced the zipfiles in the Irish lessons and the Famine section with PDF files. These files are more useful for cross platform compatability and printing.

4th October

  • Added a wav of the Irish National Anthem for downloading
  • Modified the Irish Proclamation section - added a picture of the seven signatories.
  • Made other parts of this site referenced here clickable for quick finding.


28 September

  • COMPLETELY redesigned this website. There have been some major changes, some of which I will list.
  • Biggest change - This website to be hosted in Ireland, mirror at Geocities to be gradually let go... - banners and other technical problems made this choice necessary.
  • New use of fonts through stylesheets make for easier reading of pages.
  • Less "busy" pages - reduced graphics usage also makes for faster loading of pages.
  • Navigation bar on top to allow quick and easy moving about on the site.
  • "Search this site' - didn't work very well :-(
  • Opinion poll - unreliable and easily rigged :-(
  • Heritage Museum appeal moved to Misc section.
  • Salute to Irish in America moved to Misc section
  • In order to try to make this whole site more "fair" while still maintaining it's nationalist perspective, I've made the following changes to the content of the website.
    • Out:
      • The 10 articles about the Irish Famine entitled "Irish Holocaust" by Chris Fogarty.
      • The Orange Order article.
    • In:
      • A much larger, more detailed examination of the Irish Famine
      • Rebel song lyrics has been expanded: Three of songs by an Irish Nationalist band Wilderness in mp3 format for you to download and enjoy - see 'rebel song lyrics' section for more details.


18th August

  • Removed the opinion poll on Northern Ireland, after it was compromised by Unionists who made repeated votes to distory the actual result.

2nd August

  • Added a discussion board/forum for asking questions and discussion of all things Irish.
  • Modified sitemap to include above forum.

19th July

  • Added sitemap to aid navigation of wehsite.

13th June

  • Joined new webring
  • tweeked links page... Added new link to above site.

6th June

  • Created an Irish mirror of my Geocities website
  • Added "new" opinion poll on Northern Ireland's future.
  • Tweeked "search site" to improve it.
  • Fixed found typos on site.

28th April

  • Minor adjustments to site made to make it more 'presentable' in different resolutions
  • Added new section: Irish lessons by Neil Mc Ewan

4th April

  • Updated links
  • Modified 'Irish in America' section to make easier to read.
  • Added a new section about Patrick Pearse to the 'History/Politics' section
  • Moved 'The Rebel' by Pearse to that section from 'Misc.' section

30th March

  • Added new "intro" java sequence to opening page
  • Updated links section - added new link
  • Added a "search my site" ability to my page

21st March

  • Completely redesigned the webpage to make it more fun and easy to use.
  • Had to remove the "Opinion poll" due ot abuse by Pro-British Unionists who deliberately destroyed the accuracy of the poll by repeatedly voting (one claiming to have voted more then 100 times).. I apologize to anyone who voted in earnest for having to do this.
  • I removed the 'Petition for fair reporting' page. It is now no longer available and my sources tell me it has been sent to the Whitehouse and to media sources
  • Added new and important link in the Irish Holocaust section regarding what children in the USA are learning about this tragic event
  • Added a section dedicated to early Irish in America
  • I fixed a few broken links
  • Improved the links section

1st March

  • Added a link to "Paddy's 50 favourite Irish influenced websites to Main page

10 February

  • Added this "what's new?" feature to aid returning visitors determine what has changed since their last visit to this webpage.
  • Added "The Easteregg Rebellion" to Misc. section: A fun story based on Irish history.
  • Added "The Rebel" a poem by Padraic H Pearse to Misc. section
  • Added "The Dying Soldier" a poem by "Sean" to Misc section
  • Added "Arbour Hill" a poem by Robert Emmet to Misc section.

5 February

  • Added an opinion poll on where Northern Ireland's destiny lies.