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IF you are new to this website, here are some tips to aid your reading and hopefully enjoyment of this website.


Hello and welcome to Eirefirst.com. thank you for visiting this website and I hope you find your visit worthwhile.

If you haven't already discovered it, you are about to discover that there is a lot of information available on this website. Subjects as diverse as history, politics, geography, language and culture and more are covered. It will take you a while to navigate this website. I suggest you bookmark it so you can easily return anytime.

On the left you will see our menu. This menu is easy to use. It is similar to any menu you find on the Internet. I suggest that on your first exploration of this website, you go to the "content page" of the various sections. Later you can use the submenu options to jump straight to a section you would like to revisit.

This website is updated when and if I have time. Visit eirefirst.com from time to time and check out the "What's new" section to see what's changed from your last visit.