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Midi Music Archive

Welcome to the Ireland First! - Irish midi music archive. A collection of Irish themed midi songs ranging from political to humourous, some sad, some happy, all good! Some songs have several midi versions available If you have a song that you think should be included, please send them to me by clicking here.

Click midiicon to listen to the music. In cases of multiple versions being available, you will see more than one icon. Depending on your connection speed, you could be waiting for 30 seconds before the music downloads and starts playing.

Underlined song titles indicate that lyrics are available for that song, click the title to read the lyrics (you will also be able to play the music there). The song lyrics listed below are by no means all the lyrics you can find on this website. To view the complete Irish song lyric archive, click here.

  • Ode to whiskey
  • Offiln
  • Okane
  • Paddy Cronin's reel midiicon
  • Paddy's leather breeches midiicon
  • Pining maid
  • Planxsty Elanor Plunkett midiicon
  • Planxty Fanny Power midiicon
  • Planxty George Brabazon midiicon
  • Planxty Irwin
  • Planxty jig
  • Patriot Game
  • Pretty maid milking the cow midiicon
  • Tell me ma
  • The Countess Cathleen midiicon
  • The Devil and bailiff McGlynn midiicon
  • The town I loved so well midi
  • The old ramble
  • The Words
  • Thomas Lexlip the proud midiicon
  • Victory midiicon