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Political sites.

DJIrishRebel - Irish Rebel song archive!
Noraid Florida branch website

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Triskelle - Spending Time In Ireland
Triskelle - Spending Time in Ireland

A journey through Ireland from the Ice Ages to The Troubles, and from "Aiden McAnespie" to "The Zoological Gardens", and from Antrim to Wicklow.

CelticCrossArts - Traditional Irish art
Celtic Cross Arts

The Timeless Landscape and Arts of Ireland by Artist Thomas Sheridan of Sligo, Ireland.

Ancient Ireland
Gaeltalk is an online Irish language course based in the Gaeltacht areas of Ireland
Irish Rambling House
The Irish-American Page:

Tour Clare!
We provide the most comprehensive list of accommodations in the county, and include lists of usual and unusual Things to Do as well as other helpful information for every town in the County.

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A Bit O Blarney

Visit here for a lot of free Irish stuff, such as screensavers, downloads, a newsletter, and also a secure Irish gift shop.

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Friends websites.
Here is a list of friends who agreed to have a link from my site to theirs. This section is new and will grow as time goes by.

Kenn Gordon's "1916" rebel songs homepage.
Kenn was kind enough to allow me to put several of his songs on this website for visitors to download for free (see the RA subsection of the music archive). Click the link above to visit the official "1916" homepage, or to contact Kenn.

If you like poetry and you like Ireland, or you're looking for poetry based in and about Ireland, then this is the website for you to visit.. Great links to other poetry sites and other literature too.

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