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Hello and welcome to the Ireland First! website.

Site Update Notice(Dec 22,2005): Due to time constraints on my part, this website has fallen out of date and is due a serious update and possible redesign. This partly because I want this site to reflect the current political situation in Ireland and the current Republican thinking with regard to this situation. Early in the New Year I will be redesigning this website and making some changes. I hope you will come by then and see those changes. If you are on my maillist, you will be informed of these changes by email.
Thanks you for your patients meantime, and I hope to bring you an even better eirefirst.com soon, with more current information and some more historical context information as well.
If you have any positive suggestions on articles/items/sections I should add/delete, please email me those suggestions. I can't guarentee I'll impliment them, but I will carefully consider all suggestions. You can email me at my usual address of rayh@iol.ie

In the meantime, I would like to take this oppertunity to thank all those surfers who visited this site and who took the time to email me and/or sign my guestbook. Without people like you and your encouragement, this website would not exist, and it is for you I will continue to try to improve this website with more information and whatever I can do to make it better.

God bless you all, Have a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!


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"I speak to my people, and I speak in my people's name to the masters of my people. I say to my people that they are holy, that they are august, despite their chains, That they are greater than those that hold them, and stronger and purer, That they have but need of courage, and to call on the name of their God, God the unforgetting, the dear God that loves the peoples For whom He died naked, suffering shame. And I say to my people's masters: Beware, Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people, Who shall take what ye would not give. Did ye think to conquer the people, Or that Law is stronger than life and than men's desire to be free? We will try it out with you, ye that have harried and held, Ye that have bullied and bribed, tyrants, hypocrites, liars!" - Excerpt from "The Rebel" by Patrick Pearse.


"Self-government is our right, a thing born in us at birth. A thing no more to be doled out to us or withheld from us by another people than the right to life itself - than the right to feel the sun or smell the flowers, or to love our kind. If it be treason to fight against such an unnatural fate as this, then I am proud to be a rebel, and shall cling to my 'rebellion' with the last drop of my blood." - Roger Casement made from the dock of the Old Bailey.


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