History and Politics

A brief history of Ireland
Information about Ireland, it`s people and geography, etc.
Chronological list of dates of Irish History.
The text of the Irish Proclamation of Independence
Picture of the Proclamation of Independence
Picture and history of the Irish National Flag.
Pictures of the Irish Provincial FlagsNew
A brief history of Saint Patrick.
An essay on life in rural IrelandNew
Lyrics/Music of Irish National Anthem in English and Irish
Gaelic pronunciation guide for Irish Anthemnew
A brief history of the Anglo-Irish negotiations of 1921.new
Bloody Sunday - What happened and victims tribute new
Sinn Fein's "Agenda for Government"new
Kevin Barry and Other Irish patriots tribute
Diary of Bobby Sands
"The Lark and the Freedom Fighter" - Bobby Sands
A United Ireland by 2016?new
The story of the Catalpanew