The Irish Flag, history and background.

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The Tricolour of Ireland was based on that of France and was first used by the nationalists of the Young Ireland movement in 1848 , a year of revolution throughout Europe, in their struggle for freedom from Britain. Its colours represent the Catholic, Gaelic and Anglo-Norman communities (green),

and they planter group of northern Protestants (orange). The white in the centre signifies a hope of peace and trust between the two.

It was adopted as the flag of the Free State in 1920, in preference to the Green Flag - comprising a gold harp, supposedly of Irish king Brian Boru, on an emerald green field - which had been favoured by the Home Rule movement.

The Green Flag is today used as the jack of the Irish Navy, while the flag of the President features the same motif on a blue field.

Source: Collins "Flags".


Provincial flags of Ireland

Connaught (Connahta)


Ulster (Ulaidh)


Munster (Mumhain)


Leinster (Laighin)



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